Born to an Iranian mother and an Australian father, Shadi spent her childhood in northern Israel, on the banks of the Mediterranean. At the age of nine, her family relocated to Brisbane, Australia, where they now reside. Just like her parents, Shadi has always sought adventure. Five years ago she purchased a one-way ticket to North America, where she has lived, worked and travelled ever since.

Shadi‘s childhood and youth were spent experimenting with various artistic mediums, and exploring ways in which she could contribute to her community through her art. Since completing a BA in Mass Communication & Public Relations from the Queensland University of Technology in 2010, Shadi has sought out ways develop her artistic endeavors, most notably her musical pursuits.

Through the support of her talented family and friends, and a well known producer named Louie Shelton, Shadi released two internationally acclaimed albums titled Leather Bound Book (2009) and Verdant Isle (2011). Both records were inspired by her belief in the Baha’i Faith, and produced in collaboration with her siblings Hoda and Josh, and parents Paul & Shidan Toloui-Wallace.

Having toured much of North America, Australia, the Pacific, and parts of Europe, Shadi has touched hearts through her honest and reflective music. Her ability to creatively express her devotion and love evokes a sense of reverent joy, unique to her work. Shadi draws inspiration from her beliefs, exploration of self, the environment and human interaction. Her work has always placed unity of faith and family at the core.

Shadi spent the last few years travelling and collaborating with other musicians, experimenting with various styles, playing in alternative bands and refining her craft, which consequently lead her in new and exciting directions. Shadi just released her third studio album titled Daughters of the Kingdom (2016), produced by long time friend and collaborator, Leif Thorseth. Daughters of the Kingdom was also made successful through the various contributions made by Shadi's friends, both musicians and artists, who reside in Vancouver's Eastside. Shadi used crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to completely fund the production of the album. She managed to collect over 530 pledges from friends and fans all over the world and in return they will receive the first copy of the album as well as other unique rewards and experiences including a free ticket to her album launch concert, one of a kind screen print, digital songbook, custom song composition, Skype sessions and live concerts. 

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