Born to an Iranian mother and Australian father, in Sydney, Australia, Shadi spent her early childhood on the banks of the Mediterranean in northern Israel. At the age of nine, her family relocated to Brisbane, Australia. A language and cultural barrier prevented Shadi from instantly fitting in, so she turned to music for comfort and community. Throughout her life, Shadi has experimented extensively with various artistic mediums, exploring ways in which she could contribute to her community.

Always looking to the younger generation for inspiration, she saw a opportunity for uplifting songs that would “impress upon the consciousness of the young the profound concepts enshrined in the Baha'i teachings” (Universal House of Justice, 2011). At the age of 15 she began to put her own simple melodies to the writings and stories of the Baha’i Faith and would regularly share them with her community.

For over a decade Shadi has been the recipient of unwavering support from family and friends around the world, which has lead to the successful release of four internationally acclaimed albums - Leather Bound Book (2009), Verdant Isle (2011), Daughters of the Kingdom (2016) and most recently Radiant Heart (2019). These records featured collaborations with various family members, most notably with her mother, Shidan. In 2012 Shidan, released her first debut solo album Phoenix of Love, which Shadi also collaborated on. All records are inspired by the writings and stories of the Baha’i Faith.

Since the release of Leather Bound Book in 2009, Shadi has toured her music throughout Australasia, North America, South America, and Western Europe. Drawing inspiration from her spiritual beliefs, honest reflections, creative collaborations, travels and service opportunities, Shadi’s music transcends cultures, languages and generations, and continues speak to the hearts and minds of all who hear it.

In August 2019 Shadi released her fourth Baha’i inspired album, Radiant Heart. A mix of old and new collaborations with her mother Shidan, the album features their unique ability to blend the East and West through soul stirring melodies in English, Farsi and Arabic, set to the Baha’i writings. In early 2019 they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to produce their first fully collaborative album, Radiant Heart.

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