San Diego Music Workshop

When I travel I'm always trying to find ways to raise capacity and distribute what I've learnt in my short trips to communities around the world. We all have so much to learn from one another, and I find that many friends want to learn how they too can contribute to building more musical communities. I'm really trying to learn how my work can be sustained in my absence, months/years after I visit a community. So I've developed these short 2-3 hour workshops that reflect on the importance of the Arts and putting the Sacred Writings to music, qualities the music should possess when partnered with the Sacred Texts, and developing our own capacities as musicians to set original melodies to the Writings. Seen here are the participants of one of the workshops we held in the San Diego region. 

'They who recite the verses of the All-Merciful in the most melodious of tones will perceive in them that with which the sovereignty of earth and heaven can never be compared…. Say: These verses draw hearts that are pure unto those spiritual worlds that can neither be expressed in words nor intimated by allusion. Blessed be those who hearken.'

- The Kitab-i-Aqdas